We learn about your unique business challenges, before building a custom approach to GDPR & CCPA. This ensures everything we do is to help you and your business responsibly use personal data.

Our Mission

Marketing Privacy was born out the idea that individual’s data should be protected. Similarly, companies of all sizes should have easy and accessible solutions to protect their customer’s right to privacy. There is a shared responsibility on both sides to understand and be mindful about online privacy matters.

Is is our mission to make the tools, techniques, and training for online privacy available for both businesses and individuals with a low barrier to entry. This means you will get a low cost option that makes the information and action items easy to understand.

We believe online privacy is about giving individuals the right to choose what happens with their data. It’s our goal to help businesses achieve a better relationship with their customer’s data by ensuring compliance and easing the operational and technical burdens to provide consumers those choices.

Our Approach




Approach Overview

Our approach is broken out into three phases: Evaluate, Research, and Implement. We look at all elements of online privacy and distill it into manageable bits of information and action items. This allows you to customize and get exactly what you need. We offer managed services, training, and templates. Giving you the flexibility to begin learning why online privacy is crucial to both protect your personal information and mitigate privacy-related business risks.

Evaluation Details

During this phase, we look at your business to see how your approach to personal data compares against privacy compliance best practices. We look at all regulations facing your industry including GDPR, CCPA, VCDPA, COPPA, and HIPAA. This assessment will provide us with the details needed to develop a privacy roadmap that is tailored to your businesses unique needs.

Research Details

Privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA are complex. So are the technical and administrative controls needed to protect personal information. We diligently research both as it pertains to your needs so that we can provide the best possible approach. This includes a targeted roadmap with tangible action items. This allows you to minimize wasted time.

Implement Details

Sometimes the lift to building a privacy compliance program can’t be done alone. We’re here to help in those situations. Whether you looking to answer a few questions about the GDPR, or you need technical guidance on how to implement and process CCPA’s Do Not Sell requests, let us know and we’ll jump in and seamlessly integrate with your team.